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Life Rules

Life Rules

John Barrett

Living a successful life is about following certain life rules. When we understand that the quality of our life is governed by the rules we’ve chosen to follow, we can learn to create the life that God intended us to live. We have been given creative power by God to make the choices that will shape our destiny. We do not wake up one day and stumble into success. Success occurs when we have followed the rules that lead us there. In this book, John gives us 5 rules we must follow in order to live life to the fullest.

Rule #1 - Make Your FUTURE Better Than Your PAST

Rule #2 - CONTRIBUTE More Than You CONSUME

Rule #3 - Let Your PURPOSE Be More Important Than Your COMFORT

Rule #4 - Make Your PERFORMANCE Louder Than Your CRITICS

Rule #5 - SMILE More Than You FROWN

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