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Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching...

John offers leadership coaching for small businesses, companies, churches, schools, and more. Leadership is the DIFFERENCE maker in any organization. Everything rises and falls on leadership.  

As a Certified Team Member with Dr. John C. Maxwell, John will help develop your leadership to a new level. John has been trained and mentored by Dr. Maxwell to add value to you and your organization. He can offer many areas of insight and influence to help train you and your staff.  

  • Personal/Team/Business Development
  • Personal/Business Branding
  • Personal/Team Productivity
  • Marketing Techniques
  • Content Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Vision, Strategy, and Core Values  
  • Think-Tank/Brainstorming/Idea Development 

John also offers coaching in 6 different Learning Systems that will soar your team to new heights.  Here are the most requested Learning Systems John offers...

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