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Identity Handout 

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How To Get More Time

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This book is all about time and how it impacts our life. I will walk you through 4 lessons about how to get more time that will be sure to change your life! Download the book TODAY!


"I just wanted to tell you I started reading this last night and have gotten almost completely through it. I think this is an awesome book! I'm a huge note taker when I read so I think what I'm getting from this is truly going to change my life around greatly. I'm excited to start mapping my life out with more intentional purposes. I'll definitely be sharing this." 

~ Crystal

The Worship Revolution 

Chapter One

Download Chapter One of John Barrett's book, "The Worship Revolution."

We were created to worship. Worship is more than religion, more than songs, more than just rituals. Worship is a lifestyle that is lived out daily. The Worship Revolution is about a sudden, radical, complete change for God. It is a call to rise up and become part of a generation that will seek the face of God and stand for truth. In this book, John gives great insight and inspiration into what the life of a Worship Revolutionist looks like. The Worship Revolution will challenge you to become who you were created to be.